Member Valet


Frequently Asked Questions

"All reservations must be made online before our valets will service your vehicle."

"We monitor clients' flight plans and are updated on any flight delays. If you will be returning after hours, please give us a call. We can update the system, and members will be covered in such scenarios. However, non-members may incur additional charges."

"Terminal A departure area curbside upstairs."

"Valet attendants will be wearing company attire with the logo; tan pants and black coats."

"Yes, our valets will wait until you're ready as long as the terms of use rules are followed."

"Please call us half an hour prior to your scheduled appointment time to inform us whether you will be arriving early or late. This will enable us to make any necessary adjustments. Thank you."

"Currently, all reservations must be made at least 24 hours in advance."

"Tipping is not mandatory; however, it is appreciated !"

"Member Valet is a privately held, member-based organization with global reach."

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